Robert's 1970 Midget

Important Site Update - May. 23 2007

A lot has happened on the MG front in the past two months. Most importantly I purchased another Midget with barely any rust on it. For now the '69 has become a parts car for the '70 but I plan on getting back to the '69 once I've taken a welding course at the local community college.

Also, from now on I'll be posting all of my MG information, updates, etc. on a new site. Please click on over to the new site for tales of destroyed radiators, car shows, cruise-ins and much much more!!



Robert's 1969 Midget

Site Update - Feb. 11 2007

The Midget lives again! The car is back on the road after draining and replacing the fluids, rebuilding the fuel pump, rebuilding the carb, and replacing the clutch hydraulics. While I was at it I installed a Crane XR700 electronic ignition. I put about 30 top down miles on her in slightly above freezing weather and it was a blast! Now to do something about all that rust..........


Site Update - Jan. 2007

Most of the information on this site is very old. I parked the Midget right after our first son was born and it sat under a tarp for the past 5 years. Last week after a couple really bad weeks with both of our kids being sick and work being overwhelming I got the sudden desire to get the MG back on the road again. After a few week nights and a weekend's worth of work on it she's still not there yet but I'm hoping she'll be roaring back to life soon.


When I was younger, about 26 years younger, I purchased a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite for $75. The car was in the middle of a complete restoration in which the owner had lost interest. I towed the car to my parent's house and proceeded to reassemble all of the various parts which were in cardboard boxes and milk crates. Armed with nothing other than a Hayes manual and a Moss Motoring catalog, I got the whole thing running and through NJ state inspection. When I brought home a Volvo to restore my father decided I had one car too many, so he dug a hole with a backhoe and buried the Sprite. :-(

I always missed that car, there was something about the sound of the exhaust, and the way it handled corners, that no other automobile could come close to. When I found out that I'd be moving out of NYC to Durham NC I figured I'd be needing a car. As I poured through the Internet want ads looking for a more "reasonable" car, the Sprite kept coming into my thoughts. Throwing any semblance of practicality out of the window, I decided I had to have a LBC (little british car) again. I found GAN4U/67371G in upstate NY. It belonged to the son of the seller, another father who had grown tired of his son's folly. The "Earl Scheib" paintjob and a severely advanced ignition hid a number of serious ills from my then untrained eyes.

As I have the chance, I will be adding to the list of links and resources which I have collected in my travels, but for now, I hope you enjoy the pics. You can click on a small image below to view the larger image.

If you are considering buying your first lbc, you may want to check out the list of work done so far on my car. The parts are pretty cheap and you can do most of the work yourself, but be prepared to make a substantial commitment in time and money if you decide to pick one of these cars up!

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